Why Hire SFS Graduates?

Three times in a row, the most watched survey on international affairs graduate schools identified the School of Foreign Service as home to the top international affairs Masters’ programs in the world. SFS attracts high achievers eager to make a difference in the international arena. Georgetown graduates are professionals who have:

  • intercultural understanding and insights gained through international work experience and fluency in foreign languages;
  • strong communications skills that enhance their ability to build, manage and lead teams and projects; and
  • research, analytical and assessment capabilities that inform their abilities to make critical decisions and solve difficult problems.

SFS graduates are strategic thinkers prepared for a world in which change is constant.

Graduates by Program

  • Arab Studies (M.A.) graduates meet the growing need for individuals who know and understand the language, history, culture, and politics of the contemporary Arab world. Graduates of this program use their advanced Arabic language skills and experience in the region for careers in diplomacy, development, government, business and finance, higher education, human rights, journalism, and cultural affairs.
  • Asian Studies (M.A.) graduates have a unique combination of functional training and regional expertise to meet the growing need for understanding this vital part of the world.
  • Eurasian, Russian & East European Studies (M.A.) graduates focus on the societies of this vast and diverse region. The program emphasizes skills in analyzing change in an area of continuing world interest. All graduates have advanced training in major regional languages.
  • Foreign Service (M.S.) graduates are versatile professionals with specializations in commerce and finance, foreign policy, conflict management, and development. They are equipped with the experiences and skills sets—statistics, foreign languages, strategic planning and decision-making, economics and risk management—valued in today’s workplace.
  • German and European Studies (M.A.) graduates are the next generation of transatlantic leaders. Their individually tailored concentrations are grounded in an understanding of complex issues such as European integration, changes in Europe’s international relations and transatlantic trade. Every graduate is proficient in two or more European languages.
  • Global Human Development (M.GHD) prepares graduates to understand the challenges of development and provide them with the tools and experience to address those challenges as successful professionals through coursework, extra-curricular activities, and practical field work experience.
  • International Business and Policy (M.A.) is a dual program between the Graduate School of Foreign Service and the McDonough School of Business that prepares graduates to tackle contemporary issues in international relations global business in tandem.
  • Latin American Studies (M.A.) graduates are trained to analyze the complexities of Latin America and the Caribbean, with particular emphasis on issues of democratic governance, economic integration, inter-American relations and culture and society. All graduates are bilingual in Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Security Studies (M.A.) graduates benefit from a comprehensive curriculum offering specializations in U.S. national and international security policy, terrorism and substate violence, unconventional weapons and nonproliferation, military operations and technology and security. Many students come to the field with years of military and professional experience as well as active security clearances. The Security Studies Program is dedicated to preparing a new generation of analysts, policymakers, and scholars fully knowledgeable about the range of international and national security problems and foreign policy issues of the 21st Century.