Internships can be life-changing opportunities that can convince you to continue in a certain career direction or prompt you to go in a different direction entirely. Here at the GCC, we encourage students to seek multiple internship experiences as a graduate student. Internships offer valuable insight into different sectors and careers while gaining useful skills and building your professional network. Many SFS students pursue internships the summer between their 1st and 2nd year, or during the academic year. Check out the experiences these SFS graduate students had during their transformative summer internships and check WalshWorks for current internship offerings.

Internship Spotlight

Student Soham Banerji on his SummerSFS Internship

Soham Banerji, GHD ’17

Soham Banerji, GHD ’17, interned with the Coca-Cola Company in Jakarta, Indonesia and The World Bank in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Student Andrea Walsh on her international internship

Andrea Walsh, GHD ’17

Andrea Walsh, GHD ’17, in New Delhi, India, interning at the International Center for Research on Women.

Student Eric Salgado

Eric Salgado, MALAS ’16

Eric Salgado, MALAS ’16, spent the summer interning in the political section of the United States Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil.